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26/08/2013 12:46

Kirklees Social Services

Social services admitted failings

A woman was being questioned by police today on suspicion of murdering her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter.

Jasmine Bellfield was found dead in a house in Naylor Court, Dewsbury, yesterday afternoon.

The results of a post-mortem examination on the toddler were inconclusive, police said tonight. However, one neighbour reports that she had heard the girl suffered “multiple injuries”, but she was not sure how she had died.

Her mother, Sonia Bellfield, continues to be quizzed on suspicion of murder.

West Yorkshire Police said a 29-year-old woman was arrested at the scene.

The toddler was discovered by police after officers broke down the front door.

The search followed a request by healthcare workers.

Janine Barraclough, 36, a neighbour of the address in Naylor Court said: ‘She was a good mum. A brilliant mum. That kid was so well looked after. She would want for nothing.’

Ms Barraclough described the girl as ‘beautiful with mousy brown hair and blue eyes’.

She said: ‘She was a happy kid. You would see her playing in the park.’

But she added that, social services threatened to take the child away about a month ago, before returning this week.

“They said they were going to take her kid away and they came round banging and kicking on the door.

“She must have flipped. She was a good mum. A brilliant mum. That kid was so well looked after. She would want for nothing

The neighbour also said that she saw the woman about a week ago and she ‘was fine’, adding that she was separated from the girl’s father.

Another neighbour Helen Cocker said: “We’re all shocked, it’s hit this community hard.”

She described Jasmine as “absolutely beautiful” and said her mother was “a 100% top mum”.

“That child wanted for nothing,” said Mrs Cocker.

“She was well fed, well dressed. She loved her child so much, we are all shocked by this.”

One neighbour of the address in Naylor Court said she believed the tragedy developed from a dispute with social services.

Naylor Court is a cul-de-sac of relatively new-build, modern houses. Last night the house remained sealed off with a policeman standing outside.

Sonia Bellfield feared losing daughter to social services
Stab tot’s mum feared social workers
A mum arrested on suspicion of stabbing her daughter to death was terrified of losing her to social services.

Sonia Bellfield, 29, who is believed to suffer from paranoid schizophrenia, “flipped” when social workers arrived at her home, said neighbours.

Her pal Faye Barraclough, 19, a babysitter for Sonia’s daughter Jasmine, two, said: “She was petrified social services wanted to take her daughter away.

“She said she’d rather die than have that happen. She had mental health problems and took medication for schizophrenia – but she loved Jasmine. She lived for that little girl – buying her nice clothes and cooking her good food. I think the thought of losing her pushed her over the edge.”

Health workers and social services called at Sonia’s home in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, on Friday after neighbours complained of hearing Sonia shouting and screaming at her daughter on Thursday night. Faye said: “Sonia wouldn’t let them in.

She shouted through the door that she was ill and told them to leave her alone. Then doctors and police turned up. A policeman forced his way in and led Sonia out. She was covered in blood and had huge cuts on her arms.”

An ambulance turned up minutes later. Paramedics ran into the house to get to Jasmine, but they came out shaking their heads.

Student Faye said Sonia’s illness worsened when she split from husband Martin Bellfield, 40, last year. “I don’t think Sonia ever got over it,” she said. “She got paranoid. It was sad to see her decline